Cheap Dentures

Cheap dentures are slated to be made as soon as all dental extractions have healed properly. It is important to realize it can take a few weeks for any dental extraction to heal. Perhaps after the healing process might be a good time to discuss dental implants instead of getting dentures.

Cheap Dentures

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  • Dental implants often cost more than getting dentures, however, the replacement of dental implant teeth are not as frequent as replacing dentures. Often cheap dentures are made with materials that will weaken within a few years, while quality dentures tend to last on average of about six years.

    If the choice is to get cheap dentures, always inquire how long does the place that offers dentures expect them to last under regular maintenance and use.

Dental Implants

Dental Dentures Care

On a regular basis, dentures should be cleaned with denture paste and a denture brush. Use caution when cleaning dentures as they can slip from the hands and break onto a hard surface such as a sink. When cleaning them, place a soft towel on the outside of the sink, also, fill the sink with water to slow down the fall inside the sink. While there may be no more teeth from past dental extractions, the gums in the mouth should be cleansed regularly.

The same applies to partial dentures, with the addition of cleaning the existing natural teeth.

Dentures Material

dental extractions

Different staining foods react can darken a denture and its teeth. As with lower quality materials from which many cheap dentures are made from, cheap dentures often have a higher proabability to absorb food stains than with quality dentures. Usually quality dentures cost more, and last two to three times as long as cheap dentures. While many would agree they look the same when new. Using dentures overtime can show its wear and tear. One important aspect of where it can be helpful to know when to replace a denture is when the teeth no longer have the ridges in them that was used to chew food properly. Overtime, the ridges ontop of the denture teeth can be worn smooth. Chewing food with smooth dentures can make the body work overtime trying to digest food that should have been chewed a little longer.

Denture Questions

Denture Styles

When shopping for cheap dentures, it is important to ask questions such as about the denture itself; How long are the dentures made to last? The key to this question is how long will the materials in the denture such as the pink area last under normal use?

Another important question is to find out if there is a limited guarantee, and what the process is to get them fixed if need be.

Whatever the case may be, think of your dentures as if you were to buy a new car, as you want to know the details about your cheap dentures before you buy them.

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